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Microsoft is preparing to launch Starfield on PlayStation 5



Bethesda shows Starfield in new 7-minute video

A Microsoft chose to launch Starfield exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and PC, but this should change with the XboxEra revealing that according to its sources, Microsoft is preparing to launch Starfield at PlayStation 5.

Starfield has been available for almost six months and it seems that the Microsoft changed its plans and is preparing to launch the latest RPG from Bethesda in the hardware of PlayStation.

Still without a release date, Starfield should arrive at PlayStation 5 after the release of the DLC Shattered Spacethe first expansion in the history of Starfield.

Starfield – Analysis

Since the beginning of 2024, several rumors have emerged about how the Microsoft is preparing to launch some of its games on PlayStation 5with the strongest candidates being Sea of ​​Thieves It is Hi-Fi Rush.

The idea of ​​bringing original titles to competing platforms marks a major change in the company’s strategy. Microsoft and according to XboxEra This decision is the subject of heated internal debates within the Microsoft.

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