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Momodora: Moonlit Farewell will be released for PC on January 11, 2024



A PLAYISM and the Bombservice announced during the INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023 that the game Momodora: Moonlit Farewell will be released for the PRAÇA (Steam) on January 11, 2024.

This is the continuation of Momodora II, is again a “Metroidvanios” scrapbooking game and takes place five years after the events of said adventure. In the same story, we will follow Momo, a young priestess who sets out on a mission to save the village of Koho from imminent destruction at the hands of a tribe of demons.

Main features

  • Stunning pixel art and animation.
  • Action-packed gameplay centered on melee combos, dodging enemy attacks and shooting arrows at enemies.
  • The “Sigil” system, which allows for very customizable play styles.
  • Intense, heart-wrenching boss battles.
  • Deep exploration of a world rich in history and atmosphere.
  • Freely adjustable difficulty levels let you relax and explore the alluring world at your own pace or take on powerful enemies for a real challenge.”
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