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My Special One manga will return in the summer



My Special One vol 5 cover

The most recent edition of Bessatsu Margaret revealed that the manga My Special One (Kimi ga Tokubetsu) by Momoko Kōda will return next summer, after taking a hiatus in October 2022 due to health issues. Kōda.

My Special One (Kimi ga Tokubetsu) began publication in Bessatsu Margaret in March 2019 and its 10th volume was released by Shueisha in August 2022.

Synopsis of My Special One

A girl who has given up on handsome boys meets a beautiful pop star determined to win her heart!

After a mortifying rejection, Sahoko Wakaume has given up on cute boys. But a chance encounter puts her in the sights of beautiful J-pop star Kouta Kirigaya, from the group Like Legend. Sahoko will need all her cynicism to defend herself from Kouta’s tender and affectionate attacks to win her heart!

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