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Naruto is the most searched anime in the last 25 years



The Most Searched Playground naruto screenshot

Everybody knows narutoits popularity is undeniable and Google ended up revealing that its anime is indeed the most searched for in the last 25 years.

The information was revealed by the web-game that Google put online to celebrate the end of 2023 and which you can visit here. The game, called The Most Searched Playgroundreveals to the world 25 of the “most researched people, places and moments of the last 25 years” in Google.

We also know that in the last 25 years the BTS were the most searched boy band, the Pokémon most researched was the obvious Pikachu and the game with the most searches was Minecraft. Already Cristiano Ronaldo was the most searched athlete on Google in the last 25 years.

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