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New generation Xbox will arrive later, not sooner!



A few months ago some rumors began to reach the Internet that Microsoft had already given up on the current generation of consoles, in order to bet everything on what comes next.

In other words, Microsoft was betting on anticipating the new generation, in order to reach the market a little before Sony, with many good launch games, 100% exclusive, thanks to the many acquisitions that have been made by the North American giant. American.

Well… It doesn’t look like that is going to be the case.

New generation Xbox will arrive later, not sooner!

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Therefore, it seems that Microsoft may even arrive on the market a little after its great rival Sony. Do you know why? Very simple! Microsoft only signed a new contract with AMD last January.

This information reached the Internet thanks to Moore’s Law is Dead, which always has reliable sources, and almost always very juicy. In other words, Xbox Next-Gen only began to be developed very recently, as Microsoft only signed its new SoC production agreement for its new consoles last January.

In case you didn’t know, Sony already has several agreements in place with AMD, as well as other suppliers, in order to ensure its post-PS5 future.

This is not accidental!

Microsoft likes to delay contracts to put pressure on the production side, all in order to guarantee more advantageous prices. However, in this case, the wait may have been a little long and risky. After all, everything indicates that the North American giant has been talking to AMD’s rivals, to understand how far it could go, as is the case with Intel, and even Qualcomm. As the agreement ended up being (again) signed with AMD, it could end up being negative for the company’s future in the world of video games.

However, obviously, it’s still too early to start talking about the next Xbox or PlayStation 6. Still, it’s always interesting to see how all these companies move behind the big stage.

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