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New Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is 100% electric and has 500 hp!



Owning one of the most powerful vehicles in its segment, the CLA 45, Mercedes seems to once again intend to maintain its presence and step on its rivals’ toes. This with the arrival of a third-generation version of the CLA supported by electrification for 2025.

New prototype of the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG was caught testing in northern Sweden!

The new photographs and information emerged this week and reveal several changes and new features when compared to the standard model. We are talking about subtle updates in some fields that aim to further increase final performance.

New Mercedes CLA 45 AMG brings new features!

Well, Mercedes’ intention is to guarantee even more performance in this top variant. So, for this to happen, we can already see the arrival of a larger braking system behind the new AMG sports wheels in the photo.

In addition to braking, we also have the arrival of a huge rear spoiler that could hint at a new focus for the CLA 45 AMG: downforce!

In this way, the final production variant could even arrive with a similar spoiler, with a fixed approach or even a possible retractable spoiler similar to that used by the Mercedes AMG GT.

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Let’s go to the numbers

The new Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is the company’s first model that will use Mercedes’ latest Modular platform. A new hybrid platform that grants 800v electrical capacity, for 100% electric models and even hybrids included.

Thus, the platform guarantees that we can have new CLA 2025 models with rear- or four-wheel drive only, using two engines.

As for the CLA 45 AMG model, the top variant will have around 500 hp of power. However, the new generation aims to be 100% electric compared to the previous version, which has a 2.0L turbo four-cylinder engine capable of reaching 422 hp.

In the field of batteries, Mercedes will introduce new cells with LFP technology to the AMG model. However, if the subject is efficiency and autonomy, count on 700 km per charge in the CLA with rear-wheel drive only.

Furthermore, what do you think about the introduction of the 100% electric CLA 45 AMG? Is this a shot in the foot for Mercedes, or is the company on the right track? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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