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New version of Windows 11 will improve game graphics!



It is now confirmed that there will be no Windows 12 this year. Instead, the company’s “next version of Windows” will be officially called Windows 11 24H2. It’s also an open secret that Microsoft will introduce many AI features in the update. One of them takes on special importance. It’s just that Windows 11’s artificial intelligence will improve game graphics!

New version of Windows 11 will improve game graphics!

This new feature is related to DLSS. It is something that is currently found in practically all high-quality gaming graphics cards. In practice, it is an AI technology created by Nvidia to transform low-resolution images into high-resolution images in real time. However, what Microsoft is working on appears to have nothing to do with the GPU it uses. Instead, you will likely need a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit).

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As spotted by @PhantomOfEarth on platform that supported games play more smoothly with improved details.” Additionally, users will be able to customize settings for individual applications. So, instead of relying on AI to improve graphics in every application, you can apply it to specific applications or games.

If you’re running the latest Dev or Canary Insider Preview build, you can make the Super Resolution setting appear on the Graphics page of the Settings app using ViveTool. After installing the software, run the following command and restart your PC, as tipped by famous Windows leakster @thebookisclosed.

vivetool /enable /id:39695921 /variant:3

However, this functionality is currently in the testing phase and may not produce the desired results. It’s also worth noting that all the features Microsoft tests in Insider builds may not be available in a stable Windows update. Likewise, while Microsoft is currently testing the AI-powered Super Resolution capability in the latest Windows 11 24H2 Insider Update, it may not be available in the final release.

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