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Ninja Kamui will have 12 episodes



The anime series will premiere on February 10, 2024. Ninja Kamui and in response to the fans, Jason DeMarco, co-founder of Toonami and senior vice president of animated series at Warner Bros. animation, revealed that the series will consist of 12 episodes. On February 11th, the anime will premiere on Max.

This is an anime series directed by Sunghoo Park (Jujutsu Kaisen season 1, The God of High School) in his studio E&H Production. The character design is Takeshi Okazaki (Afro Samurai, Star Wars: Visions, Batman Ninja) and produced by Sola Entertainment (Lord of The Rings: War of The Rohirrim, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Ultraman).

Synopsis of Ninja Kamui

Ninja Kamui follows Joe Higan, who is a missing-nin – a former ninja who has escaped his clan and is hiding from his violent past in rural America with his family. One night, he is ambushed by a team of assassins from his former organization, who exact bloody retribution on Joe and his family for betraying their old code.

Resurrected from his apparent “death”, Joe resurfaces as his old self – Ninja Kamui – to avenge his family and friends. Kamui is a 21st century ninja, a dark anachronism who pits his ancient skills against high-tech weaponry with brutal subtlety. He must face trained assassins, fight cyborgs and rival ninjas to overthrow the very clan that created him.

Ninja Kamui anime visual

Ninja Kamui will inspire a video game called Ninja Kamui: Shinobi Origins which will be released in Spring 2024.

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