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Nintendo eShop Highlights – December 5th to 7th, 2023



A Nintendo announced the news that arrived this week at Nintendo eShop.

The highlights are as follows:

Week – December 5th to 7th

A Highland Song (inkle) – December 5

Moira McKinnon decided to run away.

To reach the sea, it must first travel through the Scottish highlands, a wild territory full of paths, peaks, shortcuts, dangers and music.

Outer Wilds (Annapurna Interactive) – December 7

Named Game of the Year 2019 by Giant Bomb, Polygon, Eurogamer and The Guardian, Outer Wilds is a critically acclaimed open-world mystery game that depicts a solar system doomed to a perpetual time cycle.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time (Gameloft) – December 5

Once an ancient kingdom filled with treasures and magical artifacts, Eternity Isle was lost to the timeline due to Jafar’s magical influence. Travel to this faraway land and use a mysterious new Royal Tool, the Hourglass, to uncover new secrets and reveal lost treasures. Ruins Jafar’s plans to steal the Spark of Imagination, an ancient relic that is the heart of the Dreamlight Valley universe. With the help of the Hourglass, you hold the key to repairing the rifts in time and ruining Jafar’s evil plan!

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