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Nintendo Switch 2 will have something everyone wants!



With the announcement of Nintendo’s new portable console fast approaching, there is no shortage of leaks and rumors. This is exactly why we already know most of the specifications, and even a little bit of the design that the Japanese giant chose for its new console.

Well, we have some interesting news!

Nintendo Switch 2 will hit the market with something everyone wants!

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Interestingly, these new rumors reach the Internet from a Portuguese website (Nintendo Universe)which has actually been a good source of information over the last few years, especially when the topic is related to Nintendo Direct.

What do we know new?

Well, the Nintendo Switch 2 is equipped with an NVIDIA SoC that is much more powerful compared to the current Tegra X1 that powers the original Switch.

An SoC that, in addition to opening doors to much more complex games, and probably versions of any and all games that end up being released on PS5, Xbox or PC, will also allow us to increase the performance of all games already released for the “old” Switch.

In other words, we may have a very similar situation here to that of the Pro consoles! In which some games receive updates to unlock a little more performance.

But, perhaps more important than this, this is also information that confirms the backwards compatibility of the new console with games already on the market for the original Nintendo console.

Apparently both in digital and physical format.

Nintendo Switch 2: When?

The announcement should take place in March, with the console hitting shelves somewhere between the beginning and end of summer 2024. Nintendo wants to have a very healthy stock level to attack the market at the end of 2024. More specifically, the time to October to December, where we have Black Friday and Christmas.

First of all, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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