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Nothing Phone (3): Will it happen? It is worth it?



The Android ecosystem is going through a strange phase, where devices have never been so good, but at the same time they have never been so expensive. It is because of all this that many fans of the mobile world dominated by Google want to see changes, want to see an evolution, and of course, want a lot of innovation in the mix.

We are also living in a time when the most normal consumer prefers to spend more money and have a premium device, instead of spending a little less and have a mid-range device. Which in turn is a bad sign for the entire ecosystem! A side of the mobile barricade that for many good years was a reference for its focus on Quality-Price, or the existence of many Beautiful, Good and Cheap products.

All of this paints a slightly strange situation for manufacturers who have always bet on “almost”.

As was the case with OnePlus a few years ago, which offered “almost” top of the range at incredible prices, and nowadays a bit like the image of Nothing, which wants to offer a different experience, and obviously also “almost” top of the range , in an Android ecosystem very different from the past.

Nothing Phone (3): Will it happen? It is worth it?

nothing phone (2)

Therefore, Nothing is a product manufacturer focused on the extremely interesting mobile world, because… Well… It’s a case study! It appeared out of nowhere, and jumped directly into the mouths of the world. This is something extremely complicated to achieve in a market so competitive (and so saturated) with products and brands, all of them different, but at the same time all of them so equal.

Still, I think Nothing was successful, and the Nothing Phone (2) is a perfect example of that! Which is clear, opens the door for a third version. But… The strategy has to be different!

The Nothing Phone (2) is in fact everything the first Nothing Phone (1) should have been. A device based on top hardware, but not necessarily the most recent on the market, with an appearance quite different from what we might consider “traditional”.

Nothing Phone (2) was a refinement of a strategy, which, in my most honest opinion, went very well. The smartphone could be a little cheaper, but according to the values ​​that Nothing put forward, things didn’t go too badly on a global level.

What is clear, opens up space for a third version with even more potential.

What can Nothing Phone (3) improve?

The design will have to evolve a little, especially at the rear. Nothing is not yet an Apple or Samsung, to commit to a unified design philosophy. A young company focused on the mobile world has to know how to innovate, it has to know how to reinvent, all of this to attract the attention of all types of consumers.

In addition, Nothing also needs to invest a little more in the quality of photographic capture from the rear module, while also extending Glyph support to third parties, somewhat in the image of what Apple is trying to do with the iPhone Dynamic Island.

After all, software is one of the strong points of these devices!

Pro Models?

Phone (2), Nothing

Hope not!

Nothing should not fall into the trap of dividing its range to try to offer a more Budget alternative and a more Pro alternative. Next year there should be a Nothing Phone (3) and nothing else.

Release date of?

Well, the Nothing Phone (1) was announced on July 21, 2022, while the Nothing Phone (2) was announced on July 17, 2023. There may be changes in plans, especially as all manufacturers in the Android world are planning to change their release schedules, but… Let’s aim for an announcement sometime in the summer of 2024.


The Nothing Phone (2) cost €679 for its base version (8GB of RAM), with the most desirable version (12GB) costing €729. Prices that seem balanced to me, and that the manufacturer should try to maintain in the next generation.

Nothing has to stand out in the field of innovation and design, but also in the monetary aspect.

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