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Now you can even hide conversations on WhatsApp!



WhatsApp has taken several measures to strengthen the security of its platform. As a way to keep your private conversations safe and protected from prying eyes, the messaging service introduced conversation blocking in May 2023. The feature adds an extra layer of security to your personal conversations, ensuring that only the user can see them . However, the initial implementation left a lot to be desired, as it was limited to using the phone’s biometric authentication or screen lock. WhatsApp is now introducing several changes making it much more functional and, above all, guaranteeing even more privacy. So now you can even hide conversations on WhatsApp.

Now you can even hide conversations on WhatsApp!

First, instead of jumping to a conversation’s information screen to lock it, you can long-press the conversation and select the Lock conversation option. Secondly, WhatsApp is introducing a secret code feature for locked conversations. You will no longer have to rely on your device’s fingerprint or PIN/pattern to access a hidden conversation. Instead, you can set a unique password, which can include an emoji, to access the chat lock folder.

hide conversations on WhatsApp

However, accessing blocked conversations on WhatsApp was easy. All you had to do was swipe down from the conversation list window, which wasn’t always a good idea. This is because anyone would realize that the conversations were there. Fortunately, WhatsApp is also improving this implementation, allowing you to hide your locked conversations using a secret code. Therefore, it is only possible to access hidden conversations by entering the secret code in the WhatsApp search bar, making this option much more discreet.

These improvements to the Lock Chats option first appeared at the end of October.

So the messaging service quickly released these improvements to the public.

Given that WhatsApp is regularly used by millions of people daily for sensitive and private conversations, these improvements to protect and hide your private conversations are a welcome addition. Just like normal WhatsApp conversations, all hidden conversations with this blocking system are end-to-end encrypted. A backup is also made to Google Drive. This is when you upload backup copies of WhatsApp conversations to the cloud.

WhatsApp has been adding several new features to its platform every month. In October, the messaging service rolled out support for multiple accounts, passkey integration, improved text formatting, and more. More recently, WhatsApp took another step towards adding email address verification, providing an alternative way to access your account when you can’t receive messages.

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