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Oliver Stone clarifies criticism of Barbie and apologizes



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Given the media reception of his criticisms of “Barbie”, filmmaker Oliver Stone released an official statement on social media clarifying the comments.

Yesterday, January 22nd, oo film-maker Oliver Stone, winner of four Oscarswas on the lips of the world due to the your comments about the current industry and something he called “infantilization of Hollywood“.

In this interview given to City AMthe director of “Platoon – The Brave of the Platoon” pointed his finger at “Furious speed”, “John Wick”, “Barbie” and even the actor Ryan Gosling.

Given the media repercussion of the situation, Oliver Stone decided to go public and clarify the nature of his comments in an official statement on his account at X platformold Twitter.

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The director, producer and screenwriter known for works such as “Born on the 4th of July” (1989) and “JFK”began by regretting that his words were taken out of context and recovered so long later.

Stone also highlights that his comment: “Ryan Gosling you are wasting your time and you are doing it for money. He should be involved in more serious films. He shouldn’t be part of this Hollywood infantilization. Now it’s all fantasy, fantasy, fantasy, including all the war films: fantasy, fantasy,” had been done weeks before the film’s release.

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The filmmaker also states that he was promoting his documentary “Nuclear Now”, which argues that nuclear energy is a necessary solution to combat climate change, and did not have much knowledge about the project.

Oliver Stone then ends up apologizing for “speaking ignorantly”. When he had the opportunity to see the film in July, Stone ended up appreciating it for its originality and the way it approached its themes. Highlighting that the approach to Greta Gerwig It was very different from what he imagined.

The award-winning artist also states that he already had an appreciation for Gerwig’s work, highlighting “Lady Bird” as one of your favorite films of 2017.

To conclude, Stone wishes the best of luck to the entire team in the race for Oscars and welcomes the impressive box office results of the project, which he says has contributed to a huge increase in “morale in our business”.


And you, do you follow Oliver Stone’s work? And what about Greta Gerwig?

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