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OLX and Vinted | Year starts with bad news



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The year 2024 begins with major changes in online product sales platforms such as OLX and Vinted.

To the platforms of sales onlinesuch as OLX and Vinted, are a popular way to sell products. However, from this Monday, January 1, 2024, significant changes will occur in Portugal (and in European Union). So, if you are one of those people who frequently sell items to make a little extra money, especially with the increases that will take place next year, the news is not encouraging at all.

This is because, according to the newspaper Public, the new laws require platforms to collect and communicate financial data from sellers to the Tax Authorities. This means that, from now on, there will be limits, both monetary and quantitative. If these values ​​are exceeded, users will be obliged to declare these sales to the Tax Authority.


Olx and Vinted
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So, if you make sales greater than Two thousand euros or more than thirty annual sales you will be subject to the new laws. Although it may seem like a high limit, the truth is that for those who sell products frequently, these two items can easily be reached. Thus, as an example, a user only needs to make three sales per month to exceed the annual limit. As far as the value is concerned, although less likely, it is far from being ‘impossible’ to exceed.

However, it will certainly affect some users, especially those who use the platform to sell furniture or technology products. In short, the changes are significant and will have an impact – greater or lesser – on many sellers. Therefore, it is important for readers to be aware of this news for the year that is just beginning and take this into consideration when making sales!

Do you usually buy and sell things on Vinted and/or OLX?

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