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One Piece creator says which character gives him the most to do



Eiichiro Odathe creator of One Piece, revealed through an old interview, which was recently translated, a very interesting curiosity. The character that gives the most headaches to Eiichiro is the protagonist and captain of the Straw Hats, Monkey D. Luffy. As this interview was in 2012, perhaps this record has been modified, but as Luffy continues to receive the greatest protagonism it is more than likely that it will continue to be a source of headaches for its author.

Oda commented the following:

Luffy is the character that gives me the most to do. I have to stop him with obstacles, or he would soon defeat the villain. My characters act as if they have a mind of their own. When I forced them to change for the sake of the story, my audience complained…

This is not the first time that an author has mentioned that his characters act as if they had their own will, Yoshihiro Togashi the creator Hunter X Hunter mentioned the same.

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