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Operator challenges Internet market in Portugal with solution for the whole family



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The Internet market in Portugal continues to boom. The last few weeks have seen several new developments from operators.

With the LigaT In Portugal, a single operator Internet which has truly impressive prices (for the reality of the national market) and with the Digi just a few months away from also arriving in our country, the remaining telecommunications companies have, little by little, presented some innovative proposals.

First, it was the MEO which, according to the biannual report of the ANACOM, leads with a share of 41.3%. Now, also the Vodafone – which occupies third place among operators in Portugal with 19.0% –, decided to present its customers (and certainly with the aim of attracting others) with a new offer.

Therefore, the Vodafone Fiber to the Room, a new service that promises high-speed Internet and stability in all rooms, promising lower latency throughout the house. This service premium is aimed especially at large homes that require dedicated access points in each room.


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Furthermore, it is also suitable for families that have several users online simultaneously. The operator also highlights the ability of this service to satisfy the needs of gamers, streamers and “other users of intensive internet services, as well as for Customers more concerned with the aesthetic component of their home”, it can be read.

The service is available to new and current customers for an additional 15 euros in the monthly fee. Still, the price may vary depending on the number of access points required and the associated installation costs.

What operator do you have at home?

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