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Operator with surprising prices takes an important step towards establishing itself in Portugal



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The arrival in Portugal of a new telecommunications operator that promises much more affordable prices is getting closer.

In recent months, news about the arrival of Digi The Portugal have generated a lot of media interest. If the premise of an operator with lower prices is already attractive enough for any citizen, the words of the outgoing president of ANACOMJoão Cadete de Matos, last December, gave even more ‘strength’ to what many believe to be a revolution in the telecommunications market.

A few days after these statements, the Digi took another important step: the conclusion of an agreement with the Vodafone to provide better service mobile to future customers. At the same time, it also became known that it will be able to offer optical fiber using this operator’s infrastructures. Furthermore, three weeks ago, the program Savings Accountsfrom SIC, provided a predicted date for this long-awaited arrival: March. However, in recent days, there is more news…


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“Anacom notified […] Digi Portugal of the end of the existing restrictions in the 3.6 GHz frequency band, which were allocated in the 5G auction, under the terms of Regulation no. 987-A/2020, of 5 November”can be read in official site of the regulator. Therefore, the operator has one yearto begin offering electronic communications services accessible to the public using these frequencies“.

O 5G, the fifth generation of mobile networks, represents the evolution of wireless communications, succeeding 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. This technology delivers peak data speeds of several gigabits per second, extremely low latency, high reliability, massive network capacity and a more consistent user experience.


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A SIM card with 10 GB of mobile data and unlimited calls and 500 Mbps Internet cost 20 euros monthly. If you only want to have Internet, is also possible. Thus, 500Mbps costs 15 euros per month; 1Gbps costs 20 euros per month and 10Gbps costs 25 euros. Additionally, there are plan options with 10 GB of mobile data and unlimited calls from seven euros per monthas well as a plan with 100 GB of mobile data for 20 euros per month.

Looking forward to the arrival of Digi?

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