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Oppenheimer on 4K Blu-ray sells out after Christopher Nolan comments in favor of the format



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“Oppenheimer” continues to break records, this time in physical format. Universal is having trouble responding even before Christmas.

Christopher Nolan asked and the public responded in force. In an interview given to VarietyO British director revealed that he values ​​the physical format more – “I’m known for my love of theatricality and I’ve dedicated my whole life to it, but the truth is that How the film is projected at home is equally important”.

In this sense, he encouraged the public to buy the physical version yours film – have a version physical of the film is being able to stay with her forever and “no streaming platform evil can steal.”

Furthermore Christopher Nolan adds that the blu-rays/physical formats are essential To the spectators be linked to the films, regardless of the streaming platforms on which those same films are available.

However the enthusiasm of fans around the edition Blu-ray 4K of “Oppenheimer” was bigger than Universal expected.


Oppenheimer © 2022 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

The edition Special of “Oppenheimer”, which includes three hours of extras, the complete film in 4K and a metallic cover, sold out everywhere. Including, the edition with steelcase has already been found for sale for 200 dollars on secondary markets.

The spokesperson for Universal Pictures Home Entertainment says, “We are happy that so many consumers are receiving such positive feedback Oppenheimer in 4K Ultra HD and we understand that some retailers may be out of stock. Universal is working to restock these retailers quickly so fans can watch the film at home with the better quality possible image.”

The British director reinforced his idea regarding the physical format in a recent interview – “if you buy a 4K UHD, you buy a Blu-ray, it’s on your shelf, it’s yours”. Likewise, Christopher Nolan encourages moviegoers to have their own collection of films in physical format so as not to be dependent on streaming.

Christopher Nolan is known for its opinion against streaming platforms – “You can no longer get the same amount of money as you used to. The shift to streaming has completely changed the industry and created problems for everyone.”


Have you seen the film? Would you like to have this special edition? What is your opinion regarding streaming platforms? Do you agree with the director?

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