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Palworld, the “Pokémon with weapons” exceeds 2 million copies sold in 24 hours



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Affectionately nicknamed “Pokémon with Guns”, this game was released on January 19th and is already making waves around the world.

It was during the Tokyo Game Show 2021, which the Japanese Pocket Pair revealed its new project, a game that mixed animal capture, with craftingexploration and survival. The obvious inspiration in “Pokémon“, one of the most successful franchises ever, drew attention and popularized the title, becoming a small craze that grew as new details were announced.

We are talking about “Palworld”, released on January 19th for PC (via Steam It is Windows Store), Xbox one It is Xbox X/S – available on Game Pass. This multiplayer takes players to a world inhabited by small creatures called “Pals” that they will have to capture and train, similar to “Pokémon”, however, they will have to do it with… weapons. Hence the game was affectionately nicknamed “Pokémon with Guns” or “Pokémon with Weapons”.

© Pocket Pair

Despite the peculiar premise, the truth is that Palworld is already a worldwide success, having surpassed “Baldur’s Gate 3” in sales, and garnering more than 2 million copies sold in just 24 hours. The ad was revealed on game’s Twitter page and fueled the hype even more.

At the time of publishing this article, the game has more than 600,000 players online and if you don’t have anything to do this weekend, well… Come and join us!


Curious to try “Palworld”? Are you already playing?

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