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Parasite actor died at age 48



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South Korean actor Lee Sun-Kyun, who starred in the award-winning film “Parasites”, has passed away at the age of 48.

Lee Sun-Kyun was a popular actor in South Korea who gained international recognition with his appearance in Bong Joon-Ho’s film “Parasites”.

The actor participated in several projects that became very popular such as “Coffee Prince”, “Helpless”, “All About My Wife”, “My Mister” where he starred alongside UI, “Dr. Brain” which is available on Apple TV+, among many others.

Lee Sun-Kyun was married to actress Jeon Hye-Jin, known for projects such as “Blue Throne” and “The Beast”, with whom he had two children.

Parasite 72nd Cannes Film Festival
Parasite |© Alambique

In recent months, the actor’s life “Parasites”where the actor played an architect who lives in the film’s luxurious house with his family, had a major turnaround after becoming one of the many targets of a South Korean government drug investigation.

Many names came to light with this investigation, including that of G-Dragonpopular artist k-pop and group leader BIG BANGwho has already proven his innocence through several tests and even threatened to take legal action over the way he was treated by the police.

Sun Kyun was arrested and placed under investigation on suspicion that he used drugs, which led to him having to leave the project he was working on, “No Way Out”, which was already in production and where the actor was going to play a detective who You have to protect a criminal who just got out of prison and has a huge bounty on his head, and his reputation has been destroyed.

For those who may not understand why this case is so important…South Korea is very strict in terms of drugs, with many drugs that may be legal in many countries being illegal in South Korea, such as recreational drugs like marijuana.

In local media it was revealed that the actor had been interrogated several times, including last weekend for 19 hours, where the actor revealed that he was tricked into taking drugs.

This Wednesday, family members reported the actor missing and notified authorities after finding a note written by him. After several searches, the actor’s car was found with him dead inside.

It can be assumed that the actor ended his life due to this investigation and that he died from carbon monoxide inhalation.


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