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Persona 3 Reload demonstrates its side activities in this trailer



A ATLUS released a new trailer for the game Persona 3 Reload where it highlights the parallel activities of SEES

Facing shadows in secret while climbing an endless tower are not the only activities that members of the Iwatodai high school dormitory will be able to participate in. To strengthen their friendships or simply have fun, the group can go shopping, dine out or travel to the beach. All of these and many more activities will also be essential to develop the personality of the protagonist and the Personas of his allies.

On the page Persona 3 Reload on the website of ATLUS we can read the following:

Step into the shoes of a student who has recently arrived from another school and discovers an unexpected destiny when he enters the “hidden” hour between one day and the next. Awaken incredible power and pursue the mysteries of the Dark Hour, fight for your friends and leave your mark on their memories forever.

Persona 3 Reload is a captivating reinvention of an RPG that helped define the genre, now recreated for the modern era.


– Discover a landmark game from the Persona series rebuilt with cutting-edge graphics, up-to-date quality of life features and a distinctive interface.

– Take you on an emotional and captivating journey with new scenes, character interactions and additional voice work.

– Choose how to spend each day with the help of various activities, from exploring Port Island to bonding with beloved characters.

– Create and command your ideal team to defeat the supernatural Shadows and get closer to the truth.

Persona 3 Reload will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox one, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox Game Pass It is PRAÇA (Steam and Microsoft Store) on February 2, 2024 worldwide. Digital pre-bookings are now available.

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