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Portuguese Daniela Ruah returns to the NCIS universe in a different role



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Portuguese actress Daniela Ruah, who conquered Hollywood with “Criminal Investigation: Los Angeles” or “NCIS: Los Angeles”, will return to the series’ universe.

Daniela Ruah became known to the Portuguese with the soap opera “Jardins Proibidos”, alongside Vera KolodzigDalila Carmo, Almeno Gonçalves, Ana Nave, Fernanda Serrano, Gonçalo Neto, Lídia Franco, Pedro Grangeramong many others.

After this enormous success, the actress with American roots, he continued to work in Portuguese productions, and when he reached adulthood he went to study in London. Recently, the actress returned to Portugal to film the second season of “A Espia”, with Maria João Bastos, Diogo MorgadoAdriano Carvalho and Luís Filipe Eusébio, after her experience as a presenter with the Portuguese version of the worldwide hit program, “Os Traidores” on SIC.

daniela ruah ncis los angeles
Daniela Ruah in “NCIS: Los Angeles” | ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

In 2007, Ruah went to the United States to try his luck in Hollywood and shortly afterwards he appeared in an episode of “NCIS” (“NCIS: Criminal Investigation”), which turned out to be a pilot episode for the spin-off of the series which was based in the city of Los Angeles.

For 15 years and 14 seasons, Daniela Ruah gave life to Kensi Blye, even giving some Portuguese touches to her character by using her mother tongue in some episodes. Alongside the Portuguese actress were Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Eric Christian Olsen, among many others. It was while filming this series that the actress met her husband who was Eric Olsen’s double in addition to being the actor’s brother.

“NCIS: Los Angeles” came to an end in the United States in May, where her character discovered she was pregnant. The series became one of the longest running on CBS, the channel from which they came. “CSI”, “Criminal Minds”, among others. In addition to being an actress, Ruah made her debut as a director during an episode of the series’ 12th season.

And now, the actress returns to the director’s chair for two episodes, one in “NCIS” and another in the new spin-off series “NCIS: Hawaii”. Ruah will direct the episode for “NCIS”, which will be broadcast in March in the United States, and in February will be the episode for “NCIS: Hawaii”, which will be broadcast in April.

The actress revealed that returning to this universe is like returning home, as she will see many familiar faces and was welcomed with open arms.


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