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President of Warner Bros. Animation against the use of AI



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The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in animation is increasingly being discussed and in a recent round table with other executives, the president of Warner Bros. animation It is Cartoon Network Studios, Sam Registerrevealed that he is against the use of Artificial Intelligence in animation.

Animation is a visual medium. But so far, I haven’t seen anything that AI can do visually that an artist can’t do better today.

Sam Register explained:

As an animation studio, I think it’s important that we protect the artists and the art form as long as we can. I think we should give jobs to people who actually do this so they can get entry-level experience.

Register was also asked about whether or not TV channels can exist at the same time as streaming services.

It’s getting harder. As part of Warner Bros., we have many linear networks. They are very profitable and we still sell great products for them. But we’re also making sure that there’s a place where they live in streaming as well, so we’re doing ambidextrous programming and sales.

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