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Prime Video: One of the best series returned today! Don’t miss it!



We have recently seen Prime Video launching some very interesting projects that have managed to win over many fans in the world of Streaming.

Mainly when it comes to series that are usually hugely successful, as happened with The Grand Tour, The Boys or even Gen V. But also in films, by making old but still incredible projects available.

Having said all that, today we’re going to talk about another series that is also simply brutal, and which, in case you didn’t know, received its second season today. Therefore, we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than Reacher. One of the best series that premiered last year on Prime Video and was a huge success around the world. Hence it is receiving its second season now (more than a year later), which is expected to have the same or even greater success.

Prime Video: One of the best series returned today! Don’t miss it!

Therefore, the story of this second season of Reacher once again focuses on him and his former military team. Since from now on, they are the target of someone very powerful who wants to kill them all. However, for those who saw the first season, we already know that Reacher is a “tough nut to crack”. In other words, it seems that a lot of violence and action is something that will certainly not be missed.

When it comes to the cast, we will have some new faces. And if you thought that Finlay and Roscoe would return for this new season, the best thing would be to get the horse out of the rain… This is because there is no information regarding that and in the trailer there are no clues about their returns either.

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In short, the second season of Reacher arrived on Prime Video today. And anyone who likes action can’t miss this at all. The series is simply brutal.

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