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Prime Video prepares to say goodbye to Steven Spielberg’s iconic film



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One of the most iconic films made by Steven Spielberg, and awarded by the Oscars, will leave the Prime Video catalog in the next few days.

In recent times, the Prime Video has been announcing a set of feature films that will be eliminated from the platform’s catalog streaming in the coming days, in order to make room for other films. After “Parasites“, Prime Video now confirms the departure of yet another feature film from its list of productions available online.

This film was a pioneer in several aspects, which resulted in it winning three Academy Awards – Oscar for Best Editing, Oscar for Best Sound and Oscar for Best Soundtrack. The feature film was also nominated in the Best Film category, but ended up not winning, as Steven Spielberg He didn’t even get any nomination for the golden statuette.

The shark
via AMC

Prime Video is now preparing to withdraw the film “Shark” from its catalogue, a feature film considered by many experts as one of the best films of all time. A work from 1975 has a cast made up of names such as Roy Scheider (“The Incorruptibles Against Drugs”), Robert Shaw (“007 – Order to Kill”), Richard Dreyfuss (“Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”) and Murray Hamilton (“The First Night”).

For all fans who would like to (re)see this masterpiece of cinema, “Sharks” will be available in the catalog of the streaming platform. streaming just until the day February 1.


Jaws 2 AMC Steven Spielberg

“Jaws” was the first major film to be filmed in the ocean, using mechanical sharks during recording. Furthermore, Steven Spielberg resorted to a very efficient technique that consisted of using a sinister soundtrack, created by John Williams, to indicate that the animal was about to emerge. This was one of the first true suspense feature films to be produced, forever changing the way we experience cinema.

The story follows the moment when one of the beaches of a small town in New England begins to be attacked by a great white shark, threatening tourism in that region. In an attempt to help the population, the city’s police chief teams up with a marine biologist and a professional hunter to try to stop the beast, but this will not be an easy task.


Are you a Prime Video subscriber? Are you a fan of Steven Spielberg’s film?

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