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Prime Video: Reacher is preparing to have several seasons!



We have had access to a lot of simply brutal projects in the world of Streaming in recent times of cold (very cold) and rain. So, although it can be difficult to choose between so many good things, we have some that are worth putting on a pedal and paying special attention to. As is the case with the Reacher series on Prime Video. We’ve already talked a lot about it and it seems to have some brutal new features.

Therefore, as you may already know, this series received its first season last year and now more recently its second season (December 15). With viewing figures skyrocketing and more or less confirming what we were already expecting. In other words, nothing less than a new renovation. But how so?

Prime Video: Reacher is preparing to have several seasons!

Therefore, the Reacher series is an adaptation of Lee Child’s books. But the release of the seasons is not following the order of the books. In other words, it ends up being somewhat unpredictable to know what will happen next.

For example, this second season is based on the 11th book called Azar e Contratempo. Where we see Reacher receiving a coded message informing him that his former army colleagues are being killed one by one.

When it comes to new seasons, there is already talk of a third but there is no official information yet. Furthermore, if the success continues in this way, it is quite possible that a giant series will be created here. After all, the general public has enjoyed it and asked for more. And to tell the truth, there is no shortage of content here to adapt.


In short, if you are looking for an action series that also has content to give and sell. So don’t miss Reacher by any means. The series is fantastic, and if it’s managed well, Prime Video has a gold mine here.

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