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Rinkai anime! will debut in spring 2024



Rinkai!  anime visual

With this promotional image, the project’s Twitter Rinkai! announced that the premiere will take place in the spring of 2024. The project follows the competitive world of women’s cycling. and below you can watch the videos that introduce the seiyuu and the characters.

The story focuses on women’s cycling, which began in Japan shortly after World War II. However, organized competitions were closed just 15 years later and remained inactive for several decades. So the Rinkai! League was launched to revive the sport.

Rinkai!  anime visual

In the cast we have:

Umino Kawamura as Izumi Itō

Azusa Aoi as Nana Hiratsuka

Rich Sasaki as Tsutsuji Kurume

Minami Hinata as Ai Kumamoto

Riho Sugiyama as Kinusa Takamatsu

Saika Kitamori as Sachi Nagoya

Rena Hasegawa as Miko Yahiko

The manga will be released on Mango Bang!but the anime’s release date has not yet been revealed.

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