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Rumor: PlayStation Vita 2 will be in development



PlayStation Portal pics sony (1)

Advanced by insider Moore’s Law is Dead (via Wccftech) The PlayStation will be working on a successor to PlayStation Vita.

According to the insider, it is being developed together with OMG a portable console from PlayStation capable of running PS4 and PS5 games. It is currently believed that the system will have 18 CUs and a GPU with 1.8 GHz, or possibly slower.

The system is apparently in the “high-level development phase,” meaning it is still at least two years away from completion, and an actual launch has yet to be approved by the Sony.

If this “PlayStation Vita 2” ends up being released, Moore’s Law is Dead does not believe it will be part of this generation of consoles, and that it will instead serve as a follow-up to the PlayStation 6. The move is intended to help appeal to the Japanese market, where handheld gaming has been extremely popular for years. A Nintendo Switchin particular, has been very successful in Japanand the desire of Sony launching a portable console in Japan could be an effort to enter the Nintendo.

In 2004 the PlayStation Portable was a direct competitor of Nintendo DS. The device of Sony had a technical advantage, but the Nintendo DS It ended up becoming one of the most successful video game systems of all time. A PSP failed to match the 150 million units soldbut achieved some impressive 80 million of units.

Already the PlayStation Vita f was much less successful with only 20 million consoles sold. Currently the PlayStation has on the market PlayStation Portalwhich is a device that allows you to enjoy games PlayStation 5 in Remote Play.

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