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Sailor Moon creator featured in Vogue



With the photo you can see above, Vogue Japan confirmed that in January it will publish an article about Naoko Takeuchithe famous creator of Sailor Moon.

Not as camera shy as her husband the creator of it has been some time since the mangaka gave an interview and appeared in a magazine like Vogue.

We don’t yet know what Takeuchi will share in his interview, but the Vogue Japan has confirmed this special addition to its January 2024 issue. The magazine will also showcase some never-before-seen artwork from Sailor Moon.

For those who don’t know Naoko Takeuchi was born in March 1967 and became interested in manga during high school, but ended up studying chemistry in college. However, after Takeuchi graduated, she began working in manga after submitting her work Love Call for Kodnasha. From there, Takeuchi presented several other projects before launching Sailor Moon in December 1991. The series became an instant success, and Takeuchi continues to supervise Sailor Moon until today.

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