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Saoirse Ronan leaves the glamor to dedicate herself body and soul to her new role in The Outrun



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Saiorse Ronan is being praised for her new film premiered at Sundance, where she had to assist in lambing.

At 29 years old, Saiorse Ronan has an enviable career, where he has not lacked recognition. For her roles in “Atonement”, “Brooklyn”, “Lady Bird” It is “Little Women”the young actress has already accumulated an impressive total of 4 nominations for Oscars. A number that for some renowned names takes an entire career to achieve.

Given this promising start, Hollywood is always keeping an eye on what’s next for Saiorse Ronan and if there’s anyone who’s going to have a great 2024, it’s really the protagonist of “Seen from Heaven”.

The year could not have started better for Ronan, who was one of the stars of Sundance thanks to the new drama “The Outrun”in Nora Fingscheidt.

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The word “Óscar” has already started to be murmured in some reactions, but Ronan could appear again in the conversation later in the year with “Blitz”in Steve McQueendrama about 2nd World Warfrom the Oscar winner for “12 years slave” which promises to be one of the biggest priorities of the AppleTV+ for the next season.

Until then, the story of an alcoholic woman who has just left a rehabilitation clinic and returns to the Orkney Islands, in Scotland, after being away from the farm where she grew up for more than a decade seems to have connected with the public.

To play the role, Saiorse Ronan needed to give up luxuries and subject himself to assisting in lambing.

In an interview with VarietyRonan revealed a little about the filming process, indicating that Thursday arrived at around 4:30 in the morning.

The actress also spoke about the fact that she spent three or four days assisting in the birth of lambs, a task she described as terrifying, “I assisted in the birth of seven lambs. That was very scary. I didn’t know if I was going to kill the sheep while pulling them.”

Ronan, who was trained for this situation, reveals that “’You have to rub them very aggressively to get the air to circulate through them. If you don’t do this, they will die.”

Ronan also talks about how he dealt with the mothers, “We had to locate the sheep in a pen with maybe 40 sheep and confront it, which is really difficult. They are very strong and don’t want to be caught. I would put my leg on the sheep and make sure she was calm and pull her lamb.”

Ronan reveals: “I grew up in the countryside, but not on a farm”, yet she never had any problem doing so, even though she was full of fear.


And you, are you a fan of Saiorse Ronan? Are you excited to see her in “The Outrun”?

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