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Searching in Windows 11 returns no results? So do this!



Sometimes and when you least expect it, Windows 11 search stops working properly and you can’t find anything. This is not an issue that occurs in all configurations. Even so, when it happens it happens with some frequency. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for in Windows 11, don’t worry because it’s relatively easy to solve. So if searching in Windows 11 doesn’t return results, do this!

Searching in Windows 11 returns no results? So do this!

In fact, Windows 11 has a strange bug that freezes the search bar, resulting in the inability to write addresses or search for anything. However, users also report that they cannot see files and applications when typing in the search bar.

If none of the obvious fixes like restarting your PC or troubleshooting search and indexing issues have worked, then the first option is to restart SearchHost.exe manually. To do this, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and search for Microsoft Windows Search indexer. Then select End Task and then in the file inside choose stop.

search windows 11

But there is also something else you can do. You can then restart the Windows Search service by pressing the Win+R key combination to open the Run dialog box. Then enter “services.msc” to open the Services console and look for the Windows Search entry. Double click on it to launch the Properties window. Now click on the Stop button and then click on Start.

search windows 11

If problems persist, it is a good idea to rebuild the search index.

So use the key combination Win+I to open the settings. On the left side choose Privacy and Security and on the right side Search Windows.

search windows 11

Now in the Search in window Microsoft Windows click where it says Advanced Indexing Options.

Then we just have to click on Advanced and then in the new window on Rebuild.

This should resolve your Windows 11 search issues once and for all.

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