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See the new function that is coming to Google Chat!



Google Chat offers a series of features normally seen in messaging applications. However, no platform covers all aspects, and Google Chat has been lacking basic functionality. The good news is that this gap is about to be filled. See now the new function that is about to arrive at Google Chat.

See the new function that is coming to Google Chat!

AssembleDebug, a trusted leakster, revealed on TheSpAndroid Google Chat is preparing to introduce a much-needed feature: voice messaging. According to him, this functionality is activated through a flag in the Google Chat application for Android. It’s expected to roll out in the first quarter of 2024, so we may not have to wait long to start sending voice messages in the app.

According to the source, the same flag also worked in the Gmail application, as Google integrated the Google Chat functionality into it.

Messages or voice recordings can be activated using the microphone button in the lower right corner of the screen, as shown in the images. This microphone button temporarily replaces the send button. However, the submit button reappears when the user starts typing in the text field or after finishing recording the audio.

While voice messaging is a common feature in popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, iMessage, and even Google’s own Messages app, it’s surprising that Google hasn’t introduced it to Chat until now. As the functionality is still under development, there is no precise deadline for its launch. However, as previously stated, it is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2024.

However, in a recent update, Google Chat introduced a new moderation tool with the aim of reviewing and managing the content reported on the platform. Additionally, the tech giant revealed plans to bring the starred messages feature to iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

For those unfamiliar, Google Chat is a cloud-based messaging platform developed by Google for businesses and individuals. It is part of the Google Workspace suite of productivity tools and is integrated with other Google products such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

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