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Smartphones: There are covers that do more harm than good!



Nowadays, not using a protective cover on a smartphone is too high a risk for the vast majority of consumers, especially in 2023, when this type of device has become almost absurdly expensive.

However, despite the general price increase, and the fact that we even have a greater demand for devices in the ‘Premium’ range, there are still a lot of people who like to use cheap covers “to save money” and to “save money”.

Obviously, I’m completely against buying €80, €90 or €100 covers as you see so much these days. But… You need to buy a quality cover! From a trusted brand, this in order to guarantee that you won’t damage your smartphone, when in fact you wanted to protect it.

Smartphones: There are covers that do more harm than good!

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Therefore, there are many covers on the market that can cause problems for you and your smartphone, particularly when you are buying from “300 stores”, or ordering things from platforms known for their low prices, such as Aliexpress , Wish and Temu.

There are many interesting products on these platforms, but… There is also a lot of “junk”. What can happen?

1. Uncontrolled Debris Entry!

The vast majority of cheaper covers with less attention to detail are designed solely for shock absorption in the event of falls or bumps. Therefore, they end up failing in what remains, that is, in protecting what could happen to the screen, and also in the entry of dust and debris.

In other words, it may have a cover that may be “decent” for unexpected drops and bumps, but which will let in dust, dirt and even possibly harder debris such as dirt or sand. Things that can result in very ugly scratches on a smartphone that cost a lot.

“I don’t take my smartphone to the beach, or to dirty environments.” Sure, but these things usually happen in your pants pocket, or in your bag. There is no way to prevent this type of debris from entering 100% of the time.

It’s a little like our own human body. After all, our immune system is capable of eliminating 99.9% of everything that can harm us. But… It only takes one failure to cause potentially very serious problems.

2. Low quality finishes

In addition to the possibility of debris entering, poorly made covers may have pieces that are too “sharp” or “pointy”. Over prolonged use, it can cause marks on your smartphone, such as deep scratches or dents.

This is especially true if your smartphone has a plastic finish rather than glass or aluminum.


Even with a higher quality cover, it’s always a great idea to take the cover off and clean everything, at least once a week.

  • P.S.: Try using a microfiber cloth and alcohol to avoid leaving other types of debris inside the cover when you put it back in place.
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