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Sony patents games’ ability to automatically adjust difficulty levels



A Sony submitted a patent about the ability of games to adapt the difficulty of games in real time according to the player’s playing style.

We can read in the patent:

The methods of the present disclosure may gather data when a user plays one or more different types of games when determinations are made whether the difficulty of a game should be changed. The gathered data can be evaluated to identify whether a user’s game performance level matches an expected level of performance.

When a player’s gaming performance level does not match an expected performance level, parameters that alter game difficulty may be changed automatically. Parameters related to movement speed, lag or hesitation, character strength, number of competitors or other metrics can be gradually changed until the user’s current performance level matches an expectation level of a particular player currently playing the game.

At this point, the player’s expectation level can be changed and the process can be repeated as the user’s skills are developed over time.

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