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2024 is almost here and TVCine channels are ready with lots of exclusive news for Portuguese screens.

There are many new features coming in January, including many of the great films that premiered in 2023 such as: “Everything is Good!”, “Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse” and many more. In terms, there is a little bit of everything for viewers with the arrival of series such as “Conviction”, “Fifteen Love”, “George & Tammy” and the return of “Señorita 89”.


tvcine conviction
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The new year begins with the premiere of the French series “Conviction” on January 1st at 10:10 pm. The plot of this series follows Roxane Bauer, a lawyer who works at a prestigious law firm in Paris. It turns out that after her husband was accused of rape, Roxane leaves that office and returns to the neighborhood where she grew up to pursue what she wants, criminal law.

The cast has Alice IsaacNailia Harzoune, Raphael Acloque and Eric Pucheu.

On January 7th you will have a special program with three films Italians. At 7pm “March Over Rome” will be broadcast, which focuses on the rise of fascism in Italy and the consequences for Europe. Next, “Umberto Eco – The Library of the World” is broadcast, a documentary about the writer’s relationship with his more than 30,000 books. The last film to be broadcast is “Drought”, a satire that was partially inspired by the events of the pandemic.

During the month of January, TVCine, on the Edition and Top channels, will broadcast some of the titles that were present during TVCine FEST 2023. Between the 12th and 28th these are the films you can watch: “Spector” (12th -Edition); “The Unknown” (13th – Top); “A Bala de Deus” (20th – Top); “An Innocent Lie” (21st – Top); “Maggie Moore(se)” (27th – Top); “The Unlikely Journey of Harold Fry” (28th – Top).


george & tammy tvcine
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On January 2nd, a miniseries “Fifteen Love” premieres, where we follow the story of a former tennis prodigy who is making a comeback after a serious injury. However, she makes very serious allegations about her former coach. The cast includes Ella Lily Hyland, Aidan Turner, Maria AlmeidaElizabeth Berrington and Harmony Rose Bremner.

Another great series coming to TVCine Emotion is “George & Tammy”. The series premieres on January 11th at 10:10 pm, where we follow the country music power couple and their conflictual relationship. michael shannon It is Jessica Chastain are the big stars of the series based on the couple’s daughter’s memoir.

Finally, we have the return of “Señorita 89” where we return to the dark world of beauty pageants in Mexico in the 90s. On January 22nd we return to this world with Ilse Salas, Natasha Dupeyrón, Leidi Gutiérrez, Juan Manuel Bernal, Dolores Heredia and Yoshira Escárrega.


beautiful disaster tvcine

On this channel you can expect some of the biggest films of 2023. Starting on January 3rd with “Beautiful Disaster: A Wonderful Disaster”, the adaptation of the book by Jamie McGuire. The film stars Dylan Sprouse It is Virginia Gardnerwhere a college newcomer with a dark past finds herself involved with a bad boy fighter with a mania for womanizing.

On January 7th you can count on the premiere of “So… E O Amor?” where we follow the new project of a director who will document her best friend’s experience with an arranged marriage. With lily jamesShazad Latif and Emma Thompson.

On the 12th and 13th, prepare to enter the spiderverse with the premiere of “Spider-Man: Through the Aranhaverse” in both the original version (12) and the Portuguese version (13). In this sequel, Miles Morales is taken to the spiderverse where he meets the group of spider-people who protect his existence, however conflicts will arise and Morales will realize what it means to be a hero. In the original version you can count on the voices of Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Oscar Isaac, Jake Johnson, Issa Rae, Brian Tyree Henry and Luna Lauren Velez. The Portuguese version features the voices of Fábio Silva, Laura Dutra, Gilmário Vemba, Papillon, Paulo PiresSoraia Tavares and Antonio Raminhos.

Finally, you can’t miss one of the great comedies of 2023, “Tudo na Boa!”, which premieres on January 26th. In this film we follow the peculiar request of some parents, that of someone to “walk” with their 19 year old son, who is very introverted and clumsy. With Jennifer LawrenceAndrew Barth Feldman, Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti and Natalie Morales.

Which of these new features are you going to see?

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