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Squid Game: The Challenge with injuries and legal problems!



Bearing in mind that Netflix always releases tons of releases month after month, year after year. It’s always difficult to choose just one specific project to look at at a given time. After all, they either all seem good to us or they all seem bad.

However, sometimes we also have the fact that the project has already been announced and the hype is huge for its launch. As happened more recently with Squid Game: The Challenge. But the truth is that the series, which we were sure would be immensely successful, is actually suffering immense criticism.

Therefore, the series has faced a lot of injuries among the participants and even situations of hypothermia. Which led to some of these same participants filing a complaint in court. In other words, the project even has legal processes…

Squid Game: The Challenge with injuries and legal problems in the mix

Therefore, to begin with, the success achieved in its debut is not fantastic. The project has received a lot of negative criticism and is not even catching up to the original project.

In terms of legal processes, it is the company Express Solicitors that is taking care of the incidents of the various participants. Claiming that the production exceeded safety limits just for entertainment. Calling on all producers to maintain safety and health standards so as not to put anyone at risk.

With all this, the executive producer of the series himself came out to say a word. Stating that the safety of participants is above all, and that the necessary measures have been taken in this regard. Furthermore, he also revealed that all these complaints will have to do with the “red light” and “green light” challenge.

Squid Game: Challenge

In short, we will have to see how Netflix will deal with the situation and find out if the project will be able to achieve at least the desired success.

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