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Stan Sakai and Ryan Ottley confirmed at Comic Con Portugal 2024



Stan Sakai and Ryan Ottley look at Comic Con Portugal 2024

A Comic Con Portugal announced that Stan Sakai It is Ryan Ottley will be present at Comic Con Portugal 2024 that will result from March 21 to 24, 2024at Exponor.

After Frank Cho, Mike Grell, Francois Bouq It is Jordi Lafebrethe range of guests for the 2024 edition of Comic Con Portugal continues to increase.

The Japanese-American Stan Sakai gained prominence when working with Stan Lee, in the “Spider-Man” Sunday newspaper strips, for 25 years. In 1984 he created the epic “Usagi Yojimbo“. The saga spans more than 38 volumes and is published in eighteen languages, for which Sakai has been honored with several awards, including twelve Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards. In 2021, Sakai was inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame.

Ryan Ottley is recognized for his work on the series “Invincible“. Series contributor who designed and co-created with Robert Kirkman for Prime Video, the American is also the main artist of 127 editions of published comics. Ottley also worked for Marvel, on 20 issues of “Amazing Spider-Man” with Nick Spencer and “Hulk” with Donny Cates. Ottley finished both series as writer and artist.

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