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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the Review



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“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League”, The DC universe returns to consoles for a game full of action, lots of shooting, different powers and focused on online. Convincing?

The DC Universe continues to expand its footprint in the world of video games and now “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” arrives, which we analyzed in a PlayStation 5 and which clearly has positive points, but other negatives that make the experience good for some players, but not for all.

In a game that is divided between Campaign and Online mode, I started with history to try to understand how the various characters would fit into the plot but also into the gameplay. Getting straight to the point, the story is perhaps the game’s highest point. Although the title reveals a lot of what the game will be about, the truth is that the characters are well developed, the story makes sense and some dialogues are very well thought out, leading to good moments and some difficult decisions. The problem is that the gameplay doesn’t match this quality. “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” doesn’t focus on the player or what the characters can do.

One of the game’s problems is its difficulty, in this case it’s low and it doesn’t force us to evolve or do anything new. Added to this is a set of missions that are essentially too similar, which pushes us towards gameplay in which we will always do the same thing, losing a little of the fun that the plot created. With good performances from the actors and good cut-scenes, “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” deserved to have a continuity and the truth is that it is lost.

As exploration, this is a game with a lot of loot, which is good despite being sometimes confusing. The problem is that once again, “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” does not force us, due to its low difficulty, to explore this same loot with great variety. However, what made me start with the Campaign mode was believing that the construction of the missions would lead me to understand what distinguishes each character in terms of gameplay, and here it failed. This is a shooter that could be something more. We have several powers but too much of the time we’re fine just shooting and shooting. This will please some players, but fail for others. We collect more and more powerful weapons and that’s it. As a result, the intensity of the action does not decrease, but the intensity of emotional tension is lost. The biggest difference is in the movement of each characters and that in most cases it is well thought out and executed.

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Technically, it highlights good voice work, a soundtrack that doesn’t compromise and sound effects that help create that adrenaline-pumping environment that just doesn’t have more impact because the difficulty is low.

From a graphic point of view it is a game It doesn’t fail, it has good textures and I really like the design. However, once again it fails in some aspects, the most obvious being the enormous lack of life in the city. There are no cars or people, there is no atmosphere. The other aspect that ends up shocking after a few hours is that the entire game It takes place on the city’s rooftops, with no gameplay inside buildings, which is a waste for a large, well-built city.

With this, we have a campaign mode where the lack of challenge does not force us to explore what the game, loot and characters can offer. It becomes repetitive and breaks a game that is intense and fun. In the online component these flaws are not so obvious, although this mode does not bring anything new. That said, “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” must evolve in online component to support a community of DC fans who clearly want to have an excellent gaming experience here but which at this stage is not well thought out enough and which will need updates to support its initial players.


Have you had the opportunity to try “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League”? What’s your opinion of the new DC Universe game?

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