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The 6 best features coming to WhatsApp in 2024



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New year and new features coming to WhatsApp! Find out everything that is scheduled to arrive on the platform.

There are several new features that will arrive at Whatsapp throughout 2024. During the year that has now ended, the company’s messaging platform Goal implemented several very important features. From the photographs and video of High definitionto the audios of single viewincluding tools that promote privacy, namely the option to hide certain conversations and not forgetting the possibility of having two accounts on the same cell phone.

However, the application promises not to stop here and there are already several features that will become available to users in the near future. However, before starting, it is important to note that there is no date for the official launch of the options below. Therefore, and because there are often delays in the Goal’s own forecasts, the only certainty is that they will be available next year.



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It will allow Internet users to search and add contacts without needing their cell phone number. The application will allow us to have a username through which it will be possible to contact… without having to share the contact. This way, you will be identified through a usernamewhich will have, as is the case on other social networks, an @ followed by the name.


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A discovery made by WABetaInfo noticed a small button within WhatsApp, which allows users to simply and quickly start a conversation with AI with just one tap. Located above the green “Start a new conversation” icon (bottom right) in the “Conversations” tab.

This new multicolored shortcut aims to make the action button more accessible, making it practically impossible to miss. When you click, you start a conversation with a chatbot with the AI, designed to provide companionship, personalized instruction, and fun interactions. It will be available 24 hours a day, thus providing an uninterrupted consultation resource.


WhatsApp implements functionality that... no one asked for
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This change was not made on its own initiative. This is because the European Union forced the company to comply with the maximum obligations of the Digital Markets Law (DMA). Otherwise, you would be fined up to 10% of your annual global revenues. So, when we talk about WhatsApp interoperability, we mean that the application will allow users to communicate directly with other messaging applications, such as TelegramiMessage and others.


WhatsApp now allows you to transfer conversation history to another phone
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A new system of video calls in which it allows users to use Meta avatars during calls. So, with this functionality avatars are used during the video call instead of the faces of the users. The tool aims to provide an additional layer of privacy.


Have you already seen WhatsApp's new portrait mode?
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WhatsApp will also to implement three additional formats. Thus, in addition to bold, italics, strikethrough and monospace, they will also be available lists, quotes (quotes) and code blocks. To access the text formatting options, you will have to open a conversation, write a word, click on it for a few seconds until it is highlighted and a mini-window appears.

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