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The most searched films, series and actors in 2023



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2023 was a year full of great successes in cinema and television. These were the most searched films, series and celebrities!

It was a very busy year in the seventh art! “Barbie“, in Greta Gerwigwas one of the greatest hits of the year, being one of the topics of the moment.

In fact, in Portugal, the film had one of the best debuts everwith more than 200 thousand people going to cinemas to see the film starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, Will Ferrell, Dua Lipa, John Cena, Michael Ceraamong many others.

After “Barbie”, and practically side by side, is “Oppenheimer“, in Christopher Nolan. The film that tells the story of the father of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer. Starring Cillian Murphyby surpassing the threshold of 900 million dollars at the box office, Christopher Nolan’s film became the biopic most profitable ever.

In animation, the big winner was “Super Mario Bros. The film”, one of the few films to surpass the billion dollar threshold. On television (streaming) it was also a very busy year – “The Last of Us”, “The Diplomat”, “Gen V”, “Beef“, among others.

As year about to end, these were the most searched films, series and actors, according to list revealed by Google.


Barbie © 2023 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved.

It is no surprise that “Barbie” occupies the first place of the most searched films on Google in 2023.

Greta Gerwig’s film was a true media and financial success, closing the year as the most profitable film, with more than 1.4 billion dollars. Right after that is the most profitable biopic in the history of cinema, “Oppenheimer”, by Christopher Nolan.

About “Oppenheimer”, Bilge Ebiri, from New York Magazinehe writes, “the fact that the director transformed a devastating story into a fascinating pop culture phenomenon, without giving in an inch to its tragic dimensions, is certainly an achievement for history.”

The rest of the top 10 most searched films are made up of works that are not surprising when they are on this list, until we reach 10th position. Inspired by a true story, Elizabeth Banks brought a film that even surpassed Marvel at the box office.

For our criticism, Maggie Silva, “The White Powder Bear” is an insane black comedy, which adopts numerous strategies and formulas from the horror genre, such as countless jump scares. However, “Cocaine Bear” is too absurd, crude and hilarious to ever be considered a horror film. It’s a very, very dark comedy.”

  1. Barbie
  2. Oppenheimer
  3. Sound of Freedom
  4. Everything Everywhere All at Once
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  6. The Super Mario Bros. movie
  7. Creed III
  8. John Wick: Chapter 4
  9. Five Nights at Freddy’s
  10. Cocaine Bear


The Last of Us Joel
©HBO Max

Now in the field of series, the first place It doesn’t come as any surprise either, a fair “winner”. In this sense, the first place of the most searched series in 2023 went to “The Last of Us“, the adaptation of HBO Max about one of the best video Games ever made.

With an incredible Pedro Pascal in the role of Joel and a surprising Bella Ramsey In the role of Ellie, this HBO Max series lived up to the game (and in what ways). Taking into account all the great series that debuted this year and/or returned with new seasons, the second one is surprising, “Ginny & Georgia”, the Netflix drama series.

  1. The Last of Us
  2. Ginny & Georgia
  3. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
  4. Daisy Jones & The Six
  5. Wednesday
  6. That ’90s Show
  7. Kaleidoscope
  8. Beef
  9. The Idol
  10. The Fall of the House of Usher


jeremy renner © Acacia Filmed Entertainment
Jeremy Renner © Acacia Filmed Entertainment

Jeremy Rennerthe actor who plays “Hawkeye“, it’s at first place from this list for an unfortunate reason, on the first day of this year, he suffered a serious accident to save his nephew, who was in the path of a seven-ton snow plow. This heroic act caused the actor to be run over, breaking another 30 bones, with a collapsed lung and a perforated liver.

Also on this list for not very happy reasons is Jonathan Majors. One of the main faces of Marvel He was accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend. In fact, a few days ago, he was even declared guilty by a New York Court. The rest of the list of the year’s most searched actors and actresses can be found below.

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