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The new feature that is not being well received by users



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Here is proof that implementing updates is not always positive. Let Google Maps users say so!

O Google Maps It has revolutionized the way we explore the world, whether on foot or by car. This application, developed by the giant technology, offers detailed maps, accurate navigation, and up-to-date information about locations around the world. Thus, since its launch, it has become a tool essential for planning trips, finding places and discovering points of interest.

With an increasingly intuitive and dynamic interface, Google Maps allows you to explore streets, view satellite images and even get real-time traffic information. Furthermore, it also allows you to know public transport timetables, which is always so important for many millions of people.

With frequent updates, Google Maps is constantly evolving, introducing new functionalities to improve the user experience. Whether it’s finding the best route to work or exploring tourist sites in a foreign country, Google Maps has become a partner indispensable.


Google Maps
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However, the latest update to application It’s leaving a lot of people frustrated and unhappy. And it’s the new color palette’s fault! Although the changes are not that radical, users were not happy and did not hide their disappointment.

Both the Reddit like the Twitter are full of criticism regarding the colors chosen by Google. “I’m not a fan. I didn’t like it when I started seeing them about a week ago. For me, it’s not that easy to read. If I could, I would go back to using the old colors” and “Classic Google changing what was great and making it worse for no apparent reason”, are some of these opinions.

The roads, then represented in white, now appear in shades of gray. The blue that identified water areas is softer and forest areas have a darker shade of green than usual. Even the route indicator has adopted a more vibrant blue. These changes are especially affecting those who have been using Google Maps for years.

And you, have you noticed these changes?

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