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The reason Greta Gerwig (“Barbie”) was left out of the 2024 Oscars



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This is the reason why Greta Gerwig was not nominated for the 2024 Oscars for directing “Barbie”, the great phenomenon of the year.

A Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences finally revealed his nominations for the 23 categories of the 2024 Oscars.

Among the various surprises that marked the advertisements, there is one, in particular, that has not stopped being commented and debated in social media.

Recognized in 8 different categories, “Barbie” fell short of expectations in terms of nominations, as it failed in two main categories: Best actress for Margot Robbie It is Best Director for Greta Gerwig.

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Practically constant presence throughout the television precursorstheir appointments were taken for granted by many industry insiders, even though several experts have been warned about the possibility of both being left out.

But after all, why isn’t Greta Gerwig nominated for her historic work at the helm of “Barbie”, the film directed by a woman most successful of history?

Firstly, it is essential to distinguish the voting method carried out by the Academy with that in force in most other awards such as Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice and the Directors Guild of America Awards where Gerwig was recognized.

At the Academy, what is valued is not so much quantity but rather passion, that is, a preferential vote is established that privileges not the most voted, but rather those who achieve the most “1” numbers. Most likely, Gerwig figured in several rankings of voters, but it hardly stood out in the top places.


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Furthermore, it is worth bearing in mind that the voting body of the Academy’s achievement department is much more internationalized than other precursors. This factor has been decisive when we look at the Academy’s recent history. Since 2019, all Best Director lists include one or more international filmmakers, who are usually not as present in other, more Americanized awards.

Examples of this are: Paweł Pawlikowski (“Cold War”), Thomas Vinterberg (“Another Round”), Ryusuke Hamaguchi (“Drive my car”), Ruben Östlund (“Triangle of Sadness”) and now, Justine Triet (“Anatomy of a Fall”) It is Jonathan Glazer (“The Zone of Interest”).

In order for these names to gain recognition from the Academy, the Oscars left out directors such as Bradley Cooper (“A Star is Born”), Aaron Sorkin (“The Trial of the Chicago Seven”), Dennis Villeneuve (“Dune”) or James Cameron (“Avatar: The Path of Water”).

Which shows that this voting body follows its own will and is determined to honor more creatively artistic and out-of-the-box works, regardless of the strength of the individual films.

In this case, Greta Gerwig suffered the same fate as Villeneuve, being ignored for having directed a commercial and popular work, regardless of the fact that the Academy had previously embraced her for “Lady Bird”.

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Will there have been some bias because it is a film with a pink and unapologetically feminine aesthetic? Certainly, since recent history also indicates some arrogance and elitism when it comes to voting.

In the end, Gerwig was the victim of an extremely competitive year in which not only was the Top 3 practically defined (Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese It is Yorgos Lanthimos) but there were also two international films with enormous strength that fit the profile that these directors have come to recognize.

Even without some important nominations, “Barbie” may still be able to transform this narrative of injustice towards Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie into a general commotion and begin to recover momentum and excel in essential precursors such as PGA, SAG or even the BAFTAtowards a victory in the category of Best movie us Oscars.

This is unlikely to happen, but when we see someone like Hillary Clinton Commenting on the subject, it makes you wonder how far the pink movement can go.

And you, are you satisfied with the 2024 Oscar nominations? Are you a fan of Greta Gerwig?

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