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The Walking Dead: Betrayal comes to an end on December 15th



A Skybound Games and the Other Ocean Interactive announced that their The Walking Dead: Betrayal It will end on December 15th, 3 months after leaving early access. Everyone who bought The Walking Dead: Betrayal will receive a refund and the removal of the game from Steam will begin on December 11th.

At the statement we can read:

After considering several paths forward and with much discussion and thought, Skybound Games and Other Ocean Interactive have decided to halt development on The Walking Dead: Betrayal. Despite the hard work put into the game, we couldn’t find a way to build the spirited traitor community we originally envisioned.

In essence, The Walking Dead: Betraya is a third-person action game that sees survivors trying to stay alive (with some traitors thrown in) while fighting the many zombies.

In the description of The Walking Dead: Betrayal we can read:

Betray your friends in this game of cooperation and social deception for 5 to 8 people set in the universe of The Walking Dead. Work together to survive, but don’t trust anyone! Traitors have so many ways to sabotage the team that walkers are the most predictable threat. Fight the dead. Fear the Living.

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