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These are the acronyms” and “abbreviations” that the Portuguese searched for most in 2023



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Terms, acronyms and abbreviations emerge every day that we don’t know in the digital world. These are the most searched for by the Portuguese in 2023.

The world digital It is a space in constant evolution. New terms, acronyms and abbreviations are constantly emerging that we have never heard of before. And even when we know them, there is always the doubt of how to use these same terms.

When this happens, in one case or another, the Google has the answer to all our questions. 2023 was a rich year in terms that became viralfrom crush to cringe through the always enigmatic xpto.

In this sense the Preply revealed which acronyms were most searched by the Portuguese, by answering the question – “which “fashionable” words motivated the highest number of online searches since January in Portugal?”

O first place belongs to a very common term in the world of video games but gained new visibility due to the social network TikTok.


Tik Tok
Solen Feyissa | © Unsplash

Therefore the most searched term was NPC (Non-Player Character) due to the unusual lives that took place in TikTok. Here the content creators they imitated game characters to interact with their followers. They did children’s voices and repetitive gestures with far from discreet characterizations, elements that are reminiscent of artificial behavior in games.

O second place remained for the “old” acquaintance – TBT (Throwback Thursday). An “old” term, it is used to recall a past memory and, as the name suggests, Thursday.

O podium was closed with cringe (what a beautiful word to close the top). Within the digital world, it encompasses everything that is embarrassing, outdated or ridiculous to anyone who can see it. In other words, someone else’s shame.

From the fourth position to seventh position we find terms like LOL, CrushBTW and GOAT, respectively. At eighth position The term simp remained, which gained widespread use this year. Basically it describes someone who is too nice to the opposite sex without them reciprocating the generosity.


Google search
© PhotoMIX Company, via Pexels

Of all the terms researched, the most sensitive was nineth place – woke. This word has been claimed by certain groups to describe a supposed state of alert about questions It is social causes. The word has another connotation, that is, it is used to describe those who have an exaggerated behavior towards these issues.

Per endbut not the least important, the classic xpto. The way the Portuguese designate “state-of-the-art” products or services. But where does the origin of the word come from?

There are three possible hypotheses. According to one study, “the less controversial hypothesis, for example, is that its popularization began in the Middle Ages, when the Greek word “Χριστός” (‘Christ’) lost its religious meanings and began to mean something of excellence. On the other hand, there are those who defend the theory that ‘XPTO’ would derive from the name of a brand of hats, as well as the name of a children’s robot from the 80s.”

Did you search for any of these terms?

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