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These are the next films to hit the cinema



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NOS Audiovisuais has already revealed the release schedule for major films that will hit cinemas at the beginning of this new year.

In the year 2023, the cinema industry’s box office revenues have become quite relevant, proving that we are living in an era of great film productions. With the arrival of the new year, forecasts indicate that 2024 will be marked by major debuts in the film industry. For now, there are few films that have already published the date of their arrival on the big screen, but the NOS Audiovisuals revealed the long-awaited calendar of premieres on national territory, at least for the first months of the year.

Continue reading the article to find out the release date of some feature films that hit the big screen at the beginning of the year.


MOTELX The seed of evil Gabriel Abrantes

The year starts off with a bang with the arrival of “The Seed of Evil“, a Portuguese horror film written and directed by Gabriel Abranteswhich can be seen in cinemas from January 18. The story follows Edward’s journey to the North of Portugal to meet his biological mother and his twin brother, but he ends up discovering that his family is hiding a monstrous secret that will change his life forever. This is a feature film that achieved great success when it premiered at the Festival MOTELXin 2023, and which has Alba Baptista It is Carloto Cotta in the main roles.


poor creatures
© NOS Audiovisuais

Emma Stone It is Mark Ruffalo are the protagonists of “Poor Creatures“, a science fantasy film, in which the main character is resurrected after her death during the Victorian Era. Curious about discovering all the changes that the world has undergone over time, the young woman seeks to go out in search of a freedom that was not allowed to her while she was alive. Furthermore, Emma Stone’s character even passes through the city of Lisbon, and the film features the participation of Carminho. The feature film, which is nominated for the Venice International Film Prize, arrives in national cinemas January 25th.


I love you so much
Photo by Miguel Ângelo dos Santos – © Promenade

Guilherme Gorski It is Filipa Pinto are the protagonists of “I love you immensely“, a Brazilian film that had Lisbon as its setting. The feature-length romance film follows the love story between Fábio, a man originally from Brazil, who emigrates to Portugal and ends up falling in love with Maria, a Portuguese woman who cannot let go of the traumas of the past. This beautiful romantic story opens in national cinemas on February 15thin the week in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated.


mario soares
Alfredo Cunha // © Museum of the Presidency of the Republic

Mario Soares is an unavoidable figure in the history of Portugal, his name being linked to great achievements such as the liberation of the colonies and the country’s entry into the European Union. In 1986, Adelino Vaz created the motto ‘Soares é Fixe’ for the candidate’s campaign to the Presidency of the Republic, a phrase that now gives its name to the new film Sergio Graciano. After “Salgueiro Maia – The Implicated“, the Portuguese film director now returns to period films with “Soares is Cool“. The feature film starring Alexandre Carvalho It is Tonan Quito hits the big screen February 22 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of political history.


the wind whistling in the cranes
© CRIM Productions

In the same month that “Soares é Fixe” premieres, the film “Soares é Fixe” also arrives in national cinemas.The Wind Whistling in the Cranes“. It is a film adaptation of the work written by Lydia Jorge in 2002 and which follows the parallelism between two worlds – the current one, in which technology advances at a dizzying speed, and the past, in which families returned to Portugal from Africa. O book of the Portuguese author earned her several important awards in the literary industry, becoming a prominent honor of Lídia Franco. The feature film premieres in Portuguese cinemas February 29th.


sweets and cookies
© Rui Rodrigues / Lightbox Filmes

Luis Ismael is responsible for bringing the franchise to the big screen “Candies and Dumplings“, a saga that brings together the fun quartet composed of Tone, Culatra, Rato and Bino. The first film hit national cinemas in 2001, followed by two more chapters full of comedy. In 2024, at a time when the public thought there would no longer be a return for the four friends to the big screen, “Balas e Bolinhos” is preparing to bring heartfelt laughter to all fans. The new chapter premieres August 15th.

What film are you looking forward to seeing at the cinema? What other feature films do you want to see on the big screen?

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