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These Netflix K-Dramas have full marks on Rotten Tomatoes



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Netflix has a huge and diverse range of South Korean series titles, better known as K-Dramas. And Rotten Tomatoes helps you decipher which ones are the best.

O Rotten Tomatoes (RT) is one of the most important platforms for aggregating opinions from critics around the world. Achieving a score of 100% means that the overwhelming majority of critics gave the project a very positive review.

Netflix has built a huge catalog of series and films, and they were one of the first to invest in South Korean productions. These K-Dramas have a little bit of everything for viewers. Do you like thrillers? They have. Do you like romance? South Korean dramas are known for their romances. Do you like crime series? There are also.

To know which are the best, the help of Rotten Tomatoes is very important.

Here we leave seven K-Dramas that are available on the streaming platform in Portugal and that have the maximum score on RT.


little women netflix
© TvN

“Little Women” is inspired by the popular book written by Louisa May Alcott, however, it does not tell the story that takes place in the book but follows the theme of the book. This K-drama follows the stories of three sisters who were born and raised in a very poor environment.

The older sister, In-Joo (Kim Go-Eun), was born and raised in a very poor environment and from an early age realized the importance of money to protect herself and her family. All she wants is to live a common life, but after the death of a friend of hers everything will change.

The middle sister, In-Kyung (Nam Ji-Hyun), is a journalist who believes in doing what is right. Although she grew up poor, she did not have the same experience as her older sister.

The younger sister, In-Hye (Park Ji-Hu), studies at a prestigious school due to her talent in the arts. Her sisters were the ones who took care of her, although In-Hye thinks her sisters’ love is too much.

This series premiered in 2022, and became very popular in South Korea due to its cast, which also features Wi Ha-Joon who appeared in “Squid Game”and its plot.

MY NAME (2021)

my name netflix kdrama
“My Name” | ©Min Jeehee | Netflix

“My Name” follows the story of Yoon Ji-Won after his father mysteriously dies. Ji-Won wants to find out what happened to his father and to do so he gets involved with a gang leader. This man will convince her to join the police to become a spy for the gang. However, as she gets closer to the truth, Ji-Won will discover that those who helped her had other interests.

The cast of this K-drama includes Han So-Hee (“Gyeongseong Creature”), Park Hee-Soon and Ahn Bo-Hyun.


crash landing on you kdrama
“Crash Landing on You” | ©lim hyo seon/netflix

You may find it strange that a romantic comedy be on this list. It turns out that in the background of this drama are the fragile relations between the two Koreas. With both sides committing treason against their countries.

The plot follows a South Korean businesswoman who likes to keep her professional and personal life in control until the day she has a paragliding accident and ends up in North Korea. She ends up being found by a North Korean captain who will do anything to be with the woman he loves.

The cast has Hyun BinSo Ye-Jin, Seo Ji-Hye and Kim Jung-Hyun.


extraordinary attorney woo k-dramas
“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” | ©2022 Skylife TV

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was one of the most popular K-Dramas last year and turned Park Eun-Bin into a star.

This drama follows a young lawyer who has autism and is hired at one of the biggest law firms in the country. This lawyer suffers from prejudice because of her condition, but she overcomes the obstacles and becomes a competent lawyer who cares about her clients.

In addition to Eun-Binthe cast also includes Kang Tae-Oh and Kang Ki-Young.

MASK GIRL (2023)

mask girl
© 2023 Netflix, Inc.

This K-drama follows Kim Mo-Mia young woman who during the day works in an office, where she shows insecurity about her appearance, and during the night she becomes a live streamer, hiding his appearance with a mask. Mo-Mi finds herself in the middle of an incident that will change her life.

Based on webtoon homonym acclaimed by its readers because of the twists and turns in the story.

The series features Lee Han-Byeol, NanaGo Hyun-Jung, Ahn Jae-Hong and Yeom Hye-Ran.


juvenile justice netflix kdrama
“Juvenile Justice” | ©Swann Studio/Netflix

“Juvenile Justice” leaves an important message about how society is responsible for the actions of young people.

The plot follows a judge who is placed in juvenile court, where she breaks some of the court’s customs as she handles complex cases and discovers what it means to be an adult.

The cast includes Kim Hye-SooKim Mu-Yeol and Lee Sung-Min.


queenmaker netflix
© 2023 Netflix, Inc.

“Queenmaker” is a K-drama where we follow two women. One is an expert in transforming someone’s image so that they can achieve success in their field. The second woman is a human rights lawyer who is running to be mayor of Seoul and needs help to do so.

This drama focuses on the behind-the-scenes of elections and the influence that others can exert on the democratic process. With Kim Hee-Ae, Moon So-Ri and Ryu Soo-Young.

Have you seen any of these Netflix dramas?

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