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This film is in the top 10 on Netflix and everyone recommends it!



Recently, we have had access to several simply incredible films on Netflix that have really entertained us. Not only because they are very good in terms of story, but also because they often feature very competent casts who do good work. This is what is happening with the latest project that occupies ninth place in the top most watched projects of the week on Netflix.

Therefore, we are talking about none other than Nyad. A simply spectacular film that tells us a story of overcoming and shows that age is just a number, serving as an inspiration for many people around the world. But find out everything in more detail.

This is being considered the most violent film on Netflix! Have you seen?

This film is in the top 10 on Netflix and everyone recommends it!

Therefore, the film essentially centers on a 60-year-old woman named Diana Nyad. So she has an unusual but not impossible dream to achieve. In other words, swimming in the open sea for anything like 160km between Cuba and Florida. But will she have the capacity, resistance and above all the courage to make and complete a crossing of this scale?

That said, the project features names like Annette Bening, Jodie Foster, Rhys Ifans, Anna Harriette Pittman, Luke Cosgrove and even Karly Rothenberg. Even though they are not very famous faces in the world of world cinema, they still managed to make a splash in this project.

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In short, this film is currently available on Netflix and is enjoying great success in the top most watched films. That being said, it could even achieve great things if it continues to increase views with each passing day. But let’s wait and see what happens and if this project doesn’t sink with the new releases.

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