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This great film with Tom Cruise won an Oscar and has just arrived on Netflix



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Netflix’s latest Christmas gift is one that’s worth two or three! An extraordinary film with a luxury cast has just arrived on the platform!

A Netflix continues to expand its Portuguese catalog with films… extraordinary! After three productions of supreme quality arrived, including one that raised six (!) Oscarsanother that is considered one of the best of all time and which won two Oscars and a third, which is a modern classic who left his mark on the history of movie theaterthere is another iconic one that has just arrived.

The work in question not only captivated audiences all over the world – as more than 1.4 billion euros in box office revenue, according to deadline – as it also won over the critics. This is because in addition to having won the Oscar in Best soundwas nominated in five other categories. Best movie, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Achievement, Best Visual Effects It is Best Original Song.

This epic film is now available on Netflix since last Friday, December 22nd. In addition to Tom Cruise, this feature film also features ‘heavyweights’ in prominent roles. Are they Val Kilmer, Jennifer Connelly It is Miles Teller.


top gun maverick
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