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This is the Netflix movie that will shock you! It’s in the top 1!



In addition to all the films and series that Netflix has released recently. The platform still manages to have time to develop some of the projects we like most… The documentaries! Making us aware of shocking situations, which we often have no idea actually happened.

Therefore, this time we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than “The Snow Society“. A film that was nominated to win a Golden Globe and that tells us one of the most brutal survival stories ever seen and heard around the world. But are you prepared for what’s coming?

This is the Netflix movie that will shock you! It’s in the top 1!

Therefore, “The Snow Society” tells us the story of a flight from Uruguay that in the middle of the journey accidentally crashes into a snow mountain in the Andes. Of the 45 passengers on board, only 29 managed to escape with their lives. But how did they manage to survive one of the most hostile environments in the world? How did they endure the cold and how did they feed?

When it comes to casting, we have to tell you that the team behind this project did a truly incredible job to bring the project as close to reality as possible. Counting some names like Enzo Vogrincic, Matías Recalt or even Carlitos Paez. That’s why it’s being so praised all over the world and in the forefront of winning one of the best awards in the world of cinema.

In short, with the weekend just around the corner, this is a film not to be missed. And the good thing about all this is that it can be seen by the whole family. But take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself whether the project that is in the top 1 most watched of the week on Netflix is ​​really worth it or not.

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