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This is what you can delete from your phone to make more space!



There are things that take up a lot of space on your Android smartphone and then you end up with headaches because you need more memory and don’t have it. This can actually be a problem, because despite the many services that exist in the Cloud, there are people who don’t really like using them. So, this is what you can delete from your phone to make more space!

This is what you can delete from your phone to make more space!

Things that take up space are available on practically every smartphone.

Pre-installed bloatware

Many Android smartphones come with pre-installed applications. But when these apps are unnecessary or unwanted, they are often referred to as “bloatware” because they take up all your storage. This happens with several manufacturers from Samsung to Xiaomi. Of course, there are many apps that are worth this bloatware. It all depends on how you use your smartphone.

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Uninstalling bloatware can be complex, but there are several free applications that allow you to eliminate it with one click.

Please note that some pre-installed Android applications cannot be uninstalled because they are essential for the cell phone to function. However, much of the bloatware is just alternatives to the Google apps that most people already use.

Unnecessary applications

Utility applications were a lifesaver when they were first introduced.
Remember how impressed we were with the various flashlight and recording apps? Now we don’t need any of that anymore.

QR, Code

O Android has come a long way since its creation in 2008, including the introduction of built-in utilities. These five utilities are now built into most Android phones. so if you have separate applications for them, these are unnecessary. Examples of this include the flashlight, QR reader, screen recorder, multimedia player and screen dimmer.

QR code readers and screen recorders are also some of the most common applications used by criminals to gain access to your smartphone.

If you still have utility apps on your phone that are now redundant, it’s time to delete them.

Duplicate applications with the same functions

It is not uncommon for people to have more than one application on their cell phone that performs the same function.

This includes various browsers, note-taking apps, and even photo backup apps. Sometimes it makes sense to keep two applications similar.
But other times, it doesn’t make sense and it’s advisable to leave them aside for the sake of your storage space.

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